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What is Healthy Traditions INFO?

Healthy Traditions INFO is a website dedicated to sharing the amazing findings of Dr Weston A Price during his decade-long travels through the entire world.

Dr Price was a dentist practicing in the 1930′s and was spurred to undertake his journey by the ever-decreasing quality of his patients’ dental health.

He spent more than a decade of his life traveling through some of the most remote places on earth to study indigenous people and their state of health. His travels brought him to the Outer Hebrides, Australia, New Zealand and Polynesia, remote villages in Switzerland and the Andes, native American tribes and many more places.

His findings were nothing short of amazing: In most tribes that he visited, he looked at all the teeth of the tribesmen and could find very little evidence of tooth decay, especially compared to the US population at that time where tooth decay went rampant. In New Zealand, he looked at the teeth of over 1,000 and could not find a single cavity.

His findings were documented in his 1938 book, “Nutrition And Physical Degeneration”.

What are the things that Healthy Traditions can teach me?

Even though Dr Price’s travels and studies were done over seventy years ago, we can still apply his wisdom today, perhaps even more so than ever before.

When Dr Price was looking for the causes of the physical excellence of those primitive tribes, without doubt the reasons were many-fold, but one stood out in particular: Their DIET.

While finding a wildly varying diet from heavily meat-based diets in Africa (the Masai) to heavily plant-based (the Andes) to heavily seafood-based (New Zealand) and everything in between, there was one thing all of those diets had in common.

All of those indigenous diets were six times richer in minerals and about twelve times richer in fat-soluble vitamins than the average American diet at the time. Mind you, this were the 1930′s, and today this ratio would be far worse than what is was already at the time.

Dr Price summarized that while the tribes he studied had wildly different diets, their chemical composition was following the same guidelines. The heavy emphasis on nutrient rich foods that were often considered ‘sacred’ by these tribes made up a significant portion of their physical exellence, especially the amount of minerals and fat-soluble vitamins.

It may be concluded that adding liberal amounts of these minerals and vitamins to one’s diet is the real key to radiant health and the ‘secret’ that made those tribes physically superior to Western ‘civilized’ societies.

Dr Price’s research methods, conclusions and examples of such tribal physical excellence can be found in his classic “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”.

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What can Healthy Traditions do for me?

The mission of Healthy Traditions INFO is to share the wisdom of Dr Price and the healthy traditions of our ancestors and those that came before us.

We believe that Nature is not stupid. We believe that Nature is designed in a way that a healthy mind and body is part of your birthright, but you may only claim it if you follow nature’s guidelines.

We believe that those guidelines were depicted in no better detail than in Dr Price’s classic “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”.

In our effort to help you understand his findings and sharing this knowledge with the world, we want to make this classic book available to anybody without a price tag.

If you are interested to obtain the book and the knowledge that comes with it for free, please visit our contact page and drop us a short message. It shall be our pleasure to send you the book free of charge.